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New Year's Eve

.Today I was the weird guy at the train stop .Walking back and forth on the platform, purposeless. Staring at the people, daydreaming, gently dancing with the top of my toes. I was imagining myself as an actor in a play. My role was not decided in any way, all I had to do was to show myself on stage. I was this curious childish man, middle aged who acted not according to his age .It was New Year’s Evening, but people were not excited or seemed to be on their way to a party or something. Two teenage girls were watching me carefully from the far end of the peer. I was not looking back so they can continue to look without diverting their sight .This is what people do when I stare at them, they look away :They were American and free. You couldn’t tell why they were free .was it their age, their national identity or the fact they were far far away from home on New Year’s Eve .But they were free as can be .”!I was walking across platform acting weird. I wanted to greet everyone with a loud “Happy New Year .The platform was silence because of the loud music I was listening in may earphones. Nick Drake. He always gets me in the right mood .When the train arrived the two girls hurried to follow me and entered the same cart I did .They were checking me out & giggling, like girls do. No doubt about it .I was pretending not to notice and have walked away from them .I arrived at the last cart and sat down by myself, only to miss the possibility of striking a conversation with them .I am not too good in these things .I prefer to keep quiet and be the weird guy on the platform

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