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Murky Skies

Three parts series
Written, directed and produced by Noam Pinchas
Co-producer: Tina Leeb | Executive producers: Anna Godas, Oli Harbottle, Rinat Klein Meron, Dorit Hessel
Assistant Director: Esther Hertog

In 1992 a Boeing 747 cargo flight from JFK to Tel Aviv, on a stop off in Amsterdam, crashed into an apartment block in the Bijlmer, an immigrant's neighborhood, shortly after take-off, claiming dozens of lives and injuring many others.

The official story is that a technical failure occurred after take-off. But in the weeks that follow the crash, while the media and the public focus on the victims and the survivors, an unseen drama begins to take shape in the background.

This was just the beginning. In the three decades the truth is yet to be unearthed from the mountains of lost evidence, covert operations, financial corruption and political whitewashing.

The story continues with a present-day attempt to reinvestigate the story, with newly obtained materials from thawed archives, inside sources, characters and unseen footage.

Murky Skies is available in more than 30 countries worldwide.

International sales:

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