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:He thought ?How many electronic devices do we own One desktop computer Three laptop computers One FM radio One stove, one refrigerator, one microwave One toastero, one coffee machine One spice grinder

One vibrator .Four different devices to remove different hair types

Two electric toothbrushes

One kettle

One baby sense, one baby walkie talkie Two cellphones, one blender, one cake mixer Another vibrator, one food processor, two alarm clocks Two heating radiators

.He thought: This list goes on

.He thought: I have ten fingers, and one pair of eyes .I have one penis, and one heart .I am a human being living in the 21st century I share the same body with humans who lived here 20,000 years ago .I own technology that humans who lived here only 5 years ago could only dream of .He thought: I am a dinosaur to next year’s future fellow human beings .He thought: I am the Earth’s Destroyer. I am the Fake God. I am the King Machine

.He thought: I fill the nights with fake lights. I dance to electric fire. I postpone death

.He turned on his electric reading glasses, and activated his left ear built-in digital translator .He’s going to watch Czech Porn tonight .He cared for words, and he wanted to know what the porn actors had to say

.DIGITAL VS WOMAN is the title. A Binary robo-cock pleasures an analog female .Both the robo-cock and the female communicate in human words while doing it .He listened carefully .Then something happened. Everything seemed right, or wrong. Things have started to realign to his far left and far right. Everything took sides. Nothing was left in between .Everything was digitizing rapidly

He thought: 0101011101011000011111010010111111111

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