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We must hold on to sex

.We must hold on to sex like it’s our last resort .We must cherish it .No matter how brief, rare and too familiar it is .In these troubling times of our lives, where the everyday bourgeois routine glues us to its heavy and thick chains, we must protest and fuck .We must wave sex as a pirate flag in our kids’ demands faces, in our bosses’ capriciousness, in our digital enslavers’ neon screens .We must fuck out loud, we must become unaccounted for .No matter how filthy, how confusing, how uncomfortable, how banal, how smelly, how out of context, how ridicules - we have to put on a happy face and copulate .We should inhale sex before these long nights of our forgotten dreams, we must hold on to our naked and aging bodies without caring about the kids we were .We must kiss long and meaningful kisses, we must practice sex for the sake of humanity .We must not wear our parents faces

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