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Don't fuck. Don't get fucked. Love violnently

.You asked for much .You asked for me to love you .You asked for me to love myself You asked me to love this very instance .when I come

.No compromises .No appologies .No interuptions .No others

.No cellphones

Come you asked .Don’t care about me, just love me .No attachments, just love me .Be the beast you are, be the chaos, respect your green-mad-eyes .Respect your destiny .Don’t wait, don’t count, do not calculate, do not digitize .Be the time you ignore .Be the girl you want to write this too, now a woman .Be a man, for fuck’s sake

.Don’t fuck. Don’t get fucked. Love violently

.You asked me for all this .You keep asking .Muted. With no words. For two decades now .Like a frozen homeland, like a war unwon and forgotten .But I hear you

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