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Who was it

?Who crushed my magic, when I was young ?Was it my parents? My teacher, my sister ?Was it my wisdom, was it my inner voice of reason? Was it Sugar ?Were those my eyes? Was it my technical potential

?Was is Language? Was it memory

,Who crushed my enlightened dance, my spiritual potential, my sunbeams, my feathers .my wings, my spear, my tongue, my games, my dance ?Who stopped my dance ?Who closed the curtains, who named me a number, who digitized me

?Who glued my dancing feet to the floor ?Who told me to hold on to my shit ?Who told me not to eat with my fingers ?Who separated me from all else

?"Who invented "I

?Who was first to name Satan, who invented cell phones ?Who sold my LP records, who would not forget me

,Who offered me a sweet escape .who gave me my son, my son, my chance, my easy break, my love

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