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Below are selected Fund Raising Trailers I edited
for various documentary projects in the making

Murky Skies
Fund raising trailer | early production
Director and Producer: Noam Pinchas
Executive Producers: Dogwoof

The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev
Fund raising trailer | early production
Director and Producer: Tal Barda and Noam Pinchas
Co-Producers: Alegria Productions

Fund raising trailer | mid production
Director and Producer: Shirly Berkovitz

A whore like me
Fund raising trailer I mid production
Directors: Yael Shachar, Sharon Yaish
Production company: Daroma Productions

Kosher Rehab (AZ's house)
Fund raising trailer I end of research
Director: Anna Oliker
Production company: Heimann Brothers Films

100 Million Views
Fund raising trailer I mid production
Director: Itamar Rose
Produced by Itamar Rose

The Woman in White
Fund raising trailer from end of research
Producer and director: Emmanuelle Mayer
(In production)
* Disclaimer: Please keep this link confidential as the project
is still in production

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